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If you are offended by a dog that is cleverer than you then the Stumpy is probably not your breed. They are intelligent, trainable, loyal to a fault, faithful and protective. Despite what some modern show breeders might try and tell you this breed is and should be protective of his family and their possessions, however he should never be mindlessly savage as it would render him useless in today’s world. They should be good with children, and must be socialised as they grow with all you want them to accept as adults.

This hard bitten, rugged dog should be a tireless worker and if not kept as a working dog you need to remember that this breed requires exercise for both their body and mind. If you don’t they will make their own entertainment and I can guarantee it won’t be something you would have chosen for them to do!!!! They are happiest to spend all day at work with their master. As a cattle dog they have some cast, will bite the front leg and nose and generally have a little more herding instinct than their long tail cousins. As a guardian of horses, gear and property they are second to none, the sheer intimidation value of a cattle dog in Australia cannot be underestimated. As a knockabout mate they are a whole lot of fun (those without a sense of humour probably shouldn’t own one), a great jogging companion and loyal and faithful friend.

I sometimes have pups available in either red or blue. All pups are temperament tested, vet checked, wormed, micro chipped and vaccinated and have been well socialised. CCCQ eligible dogs will be placed on the limited register until they prove themselves to be suitable in type, temperament, health and working ability to be bred from. Working bred dogs are not pedigreed. Before being bred my dogs are temperament tested, are worked and independently tested for protective instinct. Much of my breeding stock has been health tested and I am working towards all stock being hip and elbow scored and tested for the PRA gene. As any problems become evident or tests are developed in the future we will be making use of this technology to ensure we are striving towards breeding dogs of superior temperament, ability and health.

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