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Australian Bandogs

The Bandog is NOT a new breed; he predates most modern breeds and is mentioned in various texts throughout history. A Bandog is NOT necessarily Pit Bull/Neapolitan Mastiff cross either; Bandogs were around long before these breeds were even thought of and long prior to the discovery of the Americas.

A Bandog is simply a purpose bred working type derived from Mastiff and Bull breed crosses. He may be a first cross from pure parents or many generations of Bandog to Bandog breeding. He should be stable, reliable and protective. There is no place in today’s society for a dog that is aggressive, be it to people or other dogs. These dogs should be culled and are not worth breeding from, regardless of their bloodlines. A dog does not need to be savage to protect his family or to be a decent working dog.

I aim to produce level headed, confident and controllable dogs that are instinctively protective of their family and are biddable enough to be used as hunting dogs or kept as pets. My dogs are from multi generation Bandog to Bandog breedings. They should be gentle with children but tough when needed to do their job. I do not tolerate dog aggression, nor a dog that would attack unprovoked, be it people or other animals.

I sometimes have pups available and my lines carry mahogany, blue, black, brindle, fawn, tawny, red and most colours in between. All pups are temperament tested, vet checked, wormed, micro chipped, pedigreed and vaccinated and have been well socialised. Before being bred my dogs are temperament tested, are worked and independently tested for protective instinct. Much of my breeding stock has been health tested and I am working towards all stock being hip and elbow scored, tested for the ARVC gene and thyroid tested. As any problems become evident or tests are developed in the future we will be making use of this technology to ensure we are striving towards breeding dogs of superior temperament, ability and health.

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